Christmas presents

My health condition didn’t allow me too much time with my sewing machine in the past few weeks.  I managed to do three for me new and outstanding pieces which shall be Christmas presents for my two nieces and my nephew. Their last name is “Fries”, German reading.

I have learned alot of new techniques while sewing these three shirts. I find them quite unique and sure hope the three kids will like wearing them.

1500 pieces designed and sewed in 27 months

My labels “handmade by Agathe” are used up and new ones always take forever (~10 days) to arrive.

The last pieces I only “almost finished”, having only left to label them.

I did quite a few Xmas utensilos and bags to be used instead of paperwrapping for presents. Alot of paper trash can be avoided that way. These bags can be either reused,  used for cookies,  decoration or else.

Number 1500 is also almost ready for my shelf :

Not a X-Mas item,  obviously.

Back on track

For health reasons I was not able to sew for almost 3 weeks.  I missed the creative process and my work very much. Since two or three days I am feeling better and finally was able to sit down and sew. Oh,  how much I had missed it!  My right hand which needs it as a daily ergotherapy had meanwhile stiffened up badly. I was hardly able to write anymore. Finally I get to loosen it up a bit as well.

I have started doing utensilos of all kinds for Christmas:

You can either offer Christmas cookies in such a bag or use it as a Christmas gift wrapping.

I also managed to sew a shopper :

And these are the pieces available in my shelf at the moment:

More to come soon.

Bye Bye Diva

At the moment I own seven sewing machines, some newer ones, some very very old.

My somewhat older sewing machine, which my grandma gave me a long time ago and which I had always lovingly called “Diva”, I have now donated to someone in need of at least one. May it bring luck and joy to this very nice and motivated lady.

Starter kit

Street fair season 2017 over for me

Here are some impressions of the street fairs I have attended this year.  Lots of nice people passing by (as long as it didn’t rain). I should specialize in indoor activities. 😉

April: Easter Market 

September: artists ‘s mile 

Busy Klara in the back assisting children during the workshop :

Fallmarket in October :

Thanks to all helping hands and everyone stopping by.

Felt – interesting material allowing interesting desings

Ever touched felt? Let your fingers glide over the interesting feeling structure?

I started trying out designing different things out of this fabric.  To sew felt feels totally different,  also depending how thick it is.

Gift wraps for bottles or flowers (in vases), bags of all kinds:






Hip hipbags

It started with a post I had seen on hipbags and decided to try to do one myself.  So I finished the prototype in blue and found the bag very useful and nice, light and still fits in quite alot.

Next I did a red one for Klara and turned to other projects.

For the upcoming street market Vaihinger Herbst,  where I will have lots of helping hands I started doing many more.

Many more to come…

Travelling with a sewing machine

We are on vacation at Lake Como in Italy.  Since my husband and kids read alot ( me as well)  and we love quiet evenings, … yes, that is right,  I took my sewing machine with me with lots of ready designed and prepared projects waiting to be finalized.

At the beginning of each vacation we all are incredibly exhausted and sleep alot.  Not me no more, regarding sleeping in, though. This morning I took the opportunity and finished a beach bag for us to use.

On the second evening, while dinner was being prepared by my kids,  I used the opportunity and finalized a shopper.

Let’s see how far I get in two weeks.

The best recipes from Transylvania

A few years I asked all female family members from Transylvania for their best recipes.  These I have gathered in a cook book (28 pages). The idea was to keep the memory of them for my daughter and nieces. So I printed 2-3 copies.  In the meantime I had been asked by quite a few people (family and friends)  for a copy so that over the past 3 years I printed 30+ copies.