handmade by Agathe 

Welcome to my blog: “handmade by Agathe”.

I have always enjoyed sewing, knitting and being creative. My grandma Hella had introduced and tought me all about it. 

I grew up  in Transylvania where we didn’t have too many options. Certainly not the technical devices kids have today. And German TV was only broadcasted several hours a week. 

Ever since it has been my dearest hobby right until my son Max was born.  My sewing machine went into the basement for a long time.  

By coincidence,  two years ago I had the chance to set up my old Diva,  the sewing machine,  again.  

I find sewing a very relaxing and also quite a creative hobby.  So I started sewing a lot, matching new patterns,  colors and fabrics of all kinds,  meanwhile having produced more than 1500 (12/2017) bags and accessories.

My blog shall document somewhat my work.  I hope you enjoy my work just as much.

Thanks for visiting these pages.