Step by Step: a fast growing list

Almost 4 years ago I started sewing utensilos. Lots and lots of them.

After a while I was confident enough to close the bags with push button strips.

The bags grew and grew and ended up being shoppers.

Meanwhile my list of bags and accessories is quite long. The following overview shall summarize them, yet in no chronological order.Handbag with little bag for keys or little things which should not get lost inside the big bag.

Exampels of special shopper design:

Big Bag with lots of pockets inside and outside:

Beach Bag:

Shoulder Bag:

Bike Bags:

Hip Bags:

Bow Bag:

Purse/Handbag Organizer:

Small cases for different purposes: children, headphones or glases, cookie bowls and many more:

The following are a few special projects I was asked by friends to accomplish:

A padded cover for an ukulele in the shape of a backpack:

A cover for a small harp:

A case for small drumsticks: