Rehab with my sewing machine

This year I have had yet another opportunity for a rehab, this time in the idyllic town of Bad Steben.

Here I met many wonderful, inspiring, brave and cordial people, some of which I sincerely hope not to loose contact with afterwards.

During my 5 week long rehab I was allowed to keep my sewing machine which led me to turning my room into yet another little sewing atelier.

Despite the intense program I managed to spend some time to create bags as usual, but also dresses, skirts and pants. Some of my fellow patients kindly asked for such tailor-made clothing.

Many bags of all kinds were created during these weeks as well:

A purse:

A cover for a harp:

And thanks to the soccer World Championship,  a Belgian flag:

Shopper Art

A wonderful and very helpful friend sugested to somehow cut out the leaves of a fabric and stitch them in a new pattern on one of my pieces.

I wasn’t really able to visualize the outcome and simply started applying leave by leave.

This is the finished piece:

Thanks dear friend, for your advice.

BigBag, new passion

For long I have intended to sew different kinds of BigBags. Finally, Nr 1 is finished…and sure is big. In my opinion very handy, suiting all kinds of purposes (eg Beach Bag, leaving the house with little children, for shopping, short trips/instead of a little suitcase, etc).

The first time I do something difficult it takes me a few hours. Once I know what I am doing,  I get done faster and faster. Let me call this “increasing experience”.

Two years ago I would have not known where to start to begin with. Now I felt that this bag was no “book with 7 seals”, for sure.

Looking foward to my next one.


Fitting clothes for friends: Challenges

Every once in a while friends and family ask me for help in fitting or adjusting clothes that are too tight / too wide/ too long etc.

Every time I am offered the opportunity I feel honored as well as excited. Since I never learned to do these tasks in a school or else it is on me to use my own brain and go for trial and error. The result is fitting better every time and I learn alot with every task. The sewing itself isn’t hard at all, on the other hand it is often challenging to find the best solution in order to achieve the intended result.

Latest project was the request to shorten a Scottish skirt. I sure liked the result,  so did my friend.

The Overlock makes such tasks easy and the result looks quite well.

Competition: first right answer wins

There is a winner! Congratulations!!

Dear friends, I would like to make one person happy for winning this set of two pieces.

This bag (as shown in the above picture of this entry) is to easen keeping handbags tidy. If all important belongings in one’s handbag are stored in this inside bag, one can easily swap handbags as well.

What is this kind of bag called? I describe and name it several times in some of my previous entries.

First correct feedback will receive this piece including the adjacent little bag. Please use the feedback form below.

Good luck to everyone!

Chaos reloaded or simply relocated?

All my straps, ribbons and ruffles are always in a chaos, although I try to keep them in place. I even sort them by colour in different transparant bags. No matter how hard I try, this is what I  have within just a few days: piles, chaos, … a mess.

So I took the time and do this “wall of bags”:

It has yet to be finished regarding the suspension device.

The question remains: will this lead to a better organized and tidy way to store my sewing accessories?

Thank you

Happy New Year to everyone.

My little blog here has been visited last year by friends from/in 17 countries (either living there or on vacation) almost 400 times. Approximately 1000 views of the different posts have been generated throughout the year 2017.

This is alot given the fact that I have passed the blog’s address to only a few friends from all over the world and interested persons at the faires, I had participated in.

Thank you very much for your interest. Please return as often as your time allows.

I have lots of new projects on my mind and looking forward to presenting you the results.